Monday, 22 August 2016

Ganesh Chaturthi statues 2015 : Tallest Ganesh Idols

in india there are so many tall  Ganesh Statues. every year Khairatabad Ganesh statue got top position in india. but now small cities also make tall  Ganesh Statues. i can give the details of top 3 Ganesh Statues 2015

Gajuwaka Ganesh Statue 2015 :
*Gajuwaka is the place of making tallest ganesh idols.
*It proves again by making the 111 feet ganesh statute.
*Gajuwaka Ganesh Idol holding the No.1 position in the list of Tallest Ganesh Statutes 2015.
*Bachala Trimurtulu, chairman of the Mahaganapati Yuvajana Seva Sangam, said
*“three truckloads of clay was brought from Krishna and Godavari rivers for making of the idol.”
*35 artisans were worked to complete this 111 Feet Ganesh Idol.

Highlights of  Gajuwaka Ganesh statue 2015 :
*Ganesh Statute Height : 111 Feet.
*Ganesh Idol Posture : Vishnu pose carrying the Shanku, Chakra and Gadha.
*Ganesh Statute Location : VUDA Double Road of Old Gajuwaka.

Vijayawada Ganesh statue 2015 :
*This is the first time in the history of vijayawada to make a massive ganesh idol.
*Vijayawada Ganesh Statute is 4 feet taller than the famous Khairatabad Ganesh Idol and it’s carrying 6,300 kg laddu made at Tapeswaram.
*30 tonnes of iron and 50 tonnes of clay used to make this statute.

Highlights of  Vijayawada Ganesh Statute 2015 :
*Ganesh Statute Height : 63 Feet.
*Ganesh Idol Posture : Natya Ganesha.
*Ganesh Statute Location : Ghantasala Music College Grounds.
*Total Budget of the Project : around Rs 1.2 cr.

Khairatabad Ganesh statue 2015 :
*The famous Khairatabad Ganesh Idol holding the No.3 position in our tallest ganesh idols 2015.
*Because everyone knows it. Nearly 200 workers were worked to complete this ganesh idol.
*The current Khairatabad Ganesh Idol is 59 feet which is one feet lower than
*the previous year. 45 tonnes is the total weight of the idol and 25 tonnes of iron used.

Highlights of Khairatabad Ganesh statue 2015 :
*Ganesh Statute Height : 59 Feet.
*Ganesh Idol Posture : Thrisakthimaya Moksha Ganapathi
*Ganesh Statute Location : Khairatabad, Hyd
*Laddu Weight : 5600 KG.


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