Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Ganesh nimajjanam live in hyderabad 2016

Ganesh nimajjanam live in hyderabad 2016

The Ganesh idols which have received a 11 day long festivities are going to be immersed in the waterbodies today across the country.

Ganesh Immersion Begins Across The Country : Comming Soon

The 11 day long Hindu Festival in which Elephant headed God Ganesha will receive puja for eleven days has come to an end and now it’s the time to say bye bye to the lord.

This is the only festival which is celebrate both publicly and privately at home. It is one of the festival where we witness unity among the people with out any religion differences. The youth establish pandals in which a big idol of Ganesha will receive puja for multiple days say 3, 5, 7,9 and 11 days after which the idls will be immersed in the water bodies.

Ganesh nimajjanam live in hyderabad 2016

The festival is celebrated in the major states of the country like Maharashtra, Karnataka, kerala, tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Goa, Odisha,Mumbai etc.,

People will celebrate ganesh chathurthi and immersion with equal importance.Generally on the immersion day people were seen dancing and throwing colours on each other while moving the big Ganesh idols towards the water bodies. Also people will auction the laddu which is placed as maha prasadam on the first day of Ganesh Chathurthi.

Heavy security arrangements were made by the police department  with the paramilitary forces, city police, personnel drawn from State Reserve Police Force, Central Reserve Police Force, Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad, Rapid Action Force have also been deployed for conduct the immersion smoothly. Basic facilities like water supply and prasad vitharan are arranged by social groups and government.

Ganesh nimajjanam live in hyderabad 2016

CCTV cameras were installed in the main routes from which Ganesh idols are moved t tank bund and other water bodies.

Ganesh Nimajjanam/ Visarjan 2016 Live Streaming Hyderabad, Mumbai on 05-9-2016 to Sep 28 Minute to Minute,Watch Khairatabad Ganesh Immersion Live Tv Hyderabad, Lal Bagh Ganesh Live Tv Visarjan From Pune, Rajasthan, Delhi, Jaipur across INDIA and US will watch Here.

Ganesh Nimajjanam/ Visarjan 2016 Live Streaming Hyderabad

Ganesh Visarjan is also known as Vinayaka Nimajjanam in telugu speaking areas. So statue of Lord ganesha is immersed into water body, preferably in a river, lake or sea. After final offering of coconuts, flowers and sweets the statues of Lord Ganesha are taken to the water body through the street procession.

Ganesh nimajjanam live in hyderabad 2016

Vinayaka Nimmajanam 2016 Live Streaming From Tank Bund/ Hussain Sagar

Vinayaka Chavithi Celebrations will be Held For 10 days at different places with Auspicious pooja and ganaapathi laddu. After Completion of 10 Days There will be a Ganpathi laddu Velam Pata (Bid). So Many will have to to Participate in these for Buying. It have Importance who buys this for very huge and it will gives lot of Devotion and Worship from Lord ganesha


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